Perennial Solar Private Limited (Perennial Solar) is a Power Project Services company having strong presence in the field of renewable energy, based in Hyderabad.

Perennial Solar started its journey as an Independent power producer (IPP) from renewable energy sources and moved to advisory services, EPC of Solar power projects throughout India.

Perennial Solar offers Solar Advisory Services, EPC, Installation & Commissioning and Operation & Maintenance services for the project ranging from kW to MW.

"Perennial Solar is an associate of Varshini Power Projects India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad"

 Quick facts:

• Established in 2012, headquartered in Hyderabad, India.

• Expertise in all renewable energy systems.

• Operations throughout India.

• Accredited to state and national renewable nodal agencies along with our partners.

• Empanelled agency for many renewable energy programs all over India along with our partners.

• Having the best technical partners and established best supply chain network throughout India.

• Served & serving many esteemed organizations and individuals in India.

 Our Values:

Sustainable Future:

Perennial Solar is committed to sustainable future. It strongly believes that, this can happen only with sustainable power generations and energy efficient conservation. Perennial Solar promotes green power generation and energy efficient practices for the greater good of the nation.

Technology, Quality, Workmanship and Service:

Perennial Solar strongly believes that, the technology, quality and workmanship are the only elements that decides the position of any company in the business. We always work with principals to provide best technology, quality equipment, and error free workmanship and on time service to its clients. Perennial Solar never compromises in the above aspects at any cost.


Perennial Solar believes that leadership demands vision, commitment and integrity. It not only raises self confidence but makes us better individuals, with a clear approach and a sharp focus.

Customer Focus:

Perennial Solar try not just to meet our customer’s expectations; strive to exceed the customer’s expectations. Every time, measure its success by its customer’s trust and confidence in us. Perennial Solar believes that cultivating customer relationships is the key to success and stability of an organization. Deliver solutions that exceed beyond customer's expectations and provide services and support with firm commitment.


Teamwork for Perennial Solar is an individual commitment to a vision and that every member is ever willing to help the client to achieve maximum profit from the sustainable practices and technologies.


Perennial Solar believes work in partnership with up to date technologies and experts in sustainable field will enhance the technology, quality and service of the deliverables.

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do GREAT THINGS
– Mother Teresa"