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Solar powered electric fence constitute a Fencer unit (i.e. energizer) is attached to the fence wires. It produces a painful but harmless electric shock for a short duration when any intruder comes in contact with the Fence Wires.

Agriculture Fencing: This system shall meet the requirement of customer who wishes to protect his crops from domestic animals. The System is suitable for Farms, Aquaculture and Horticulture etc.

Security Fencing:
This system shall meet the requirements of Customers whose premises / properties are to be protected against tress-passing / Thefts / Intrusions etc. Ideal for Residential, Commercial Establishments, Ware-Houses, Stadiums etc.

Animal Fencing:
These systems protect villagers residing near Forest from Wild Animals like Elephants, Bears, Wild Bears etc.

High Security Fencing:
These Systems are designed to protect from any type of intrusion besides providing access to detect the type of intrusion with the help of CCTV, High Fidelity Camera, Flood Lights, Auto dialer etc. Major application being the Defence Establishments, Banks, Government Institutions, VVIP residences etc.