Project Development
Perennial Solar has got good experience in project development of renewable power projects, gained during development of its own projects. With this experience Perennial Solar offers solutions for development of renewable power projects on turnkey basis or tailor made as per the client requirements in Solar.

This involves,
  • Developing the project site.
  • Acquire all the required approvals and clearances for the project.
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of the project.
  • Operation and Maintenance of the Project.
Solar Advisory services
Perennial Solar is working from past few years as a successful advisor to many industries, developers and investors for their Renewable Energy Projects over a capacity of 20 MW, offer services from feasibility analysis and application facilitation up to successful execution and maintenance of the projects. Provide all solutions under one roof, thus reducing client’s effort, time and ensuring improved quality quick and smooth delivery.

Owner's Engineer Services:
Perennial Solar shall guide its clients or investors through the complete process of project feasibility, detailed project report, bid process management, suppliers & contractors finalization, project detail engineering, super vision & quality control of project execution till successful project commissioning and testing & handing over which adhere to stringent quality criteria.

1. Bidding Assistance
  • Identification of viable locations
  • Site visits and physical due diligence
  • Bid assistance
  • Facilitation of application under applicable policies

2. Detailed Project Report
  • Simulation studies
  • Technology selection
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Project schematics
  • Civil, Architectural requirements
  • Plant Operation & Maintenance
  • Project Implementation & Schedule
  • Project Financials
  • Risk Analysis

3. EPC Contractor & Contract
  • Invite responses from EPC Contractors based on release of a Detailed Request for Quotations and Attend and conduct pre-bid (final) meetings.
  • Evaluate and categorize responses / quotations received based on cost, efficiency, market share, manufacturing capacities (available & planned), due diligence of performance of existing plants, presence in India and extent of services provided in India, willingness to carry out EPC along with guarantees on technology performance, willingness to carry out operation and maintenance with guarantees and warranties, expected degradation of efficiency with heat and time, performance, auxiliary power consumption, manpower requirements, O&M etc
  • Assisting client in drafting & signing of contract with selected EPC contractor by:

          - Preparation of letter of intent (LOI) / Work Order (WO)
          - Drafting of contract agreements

4. Detailed Design Review
  • Engineering review – conduct review of design / engineering documents submitted by the EPC contractor and vetting of drawings, specifications, Bill of Material and other technical information.
  • Preparation of acceptance / modification / suggestions etc. of the drawings to ensure compliance with the bid specification and contractual terms.
  • Also, review plant layouts, description and technical specification for major power plant components such as PV modules, array mounting structure, power conditioning units, AC switch gears, interconnection switch gear, control, monitoring and safety equipments etc.

5. Supervision during Execution
  • Define Quality Control review mechanisms
  • Pre dispatch and onsite Inspection and testing of Equipment
  • Project Planning and Control
  • Site Supervision Services

6. Plant Performance Acceptance Test
  • Inspection and testing of power plant (post-installation)
  • Overview after Project Commissioning

Detail Project Engineering Services:
  • Detail Engineering – preparation of detail design / engineering documents of plant drawings, diagrams, equipment specifications, system descriptions, bill of material and quantity of equipments and other technical information as per the proposed project site conditions and International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) standards.
  • As a part of this plant layouts, description and technical specification for major power plant components such as PV modules, array mounting structure, power conditioning units, AC switch gears, interconnection switch gear, control, monitoring and safety equipments etc shall be provided.

Solar Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
Perennial Solar Design, Engineer, procures, supply, erect, test and commission fully integrated Solar PV power projects with fixed tilt or tracking, on roof or on ground up to 50MW.

EPC Business unit is operated by a highly experienced team of professionals having long & rich experience in the Industry in various facets of discipline viz. Project management, Design & Engineering, Construction, Field operation and testing & commissioning.

The EPC unit has got many suppliers and technical partners, who are renowned for their quality and standards, all over the world for the solar power plant equipment. With them Perennial Solar can always be competitive with its counterparts in the industry.

As a part of EPC contract Perennial Solar offers,
  • Engineering design
  • Equipment supply and civil construction
  • Erection and commissioning
  • Hand-over after successful commissioning with all warrantees and guarantees
  • Operation & Maintenance Services – long & short terms

Project Installation and Commissioning
  • Relevant first aid medical facility and action calendar/plan.
  • Warning signs and Firefighting equipment etc.
  • Personal protective equipments (PPE) like Helmet and gloves etc.

Installation & Commissioning

  • Preparation of installation schedule.
  • Preparation of civil works for solar modules support structures, control room, cable trenches, rain water drains as per the approved drawings and documents.
  • Installation of complete components specified in the detailed bill of material and drawings.
  • Conducting project implementation review meetings
  • Carrying out installation in proper co-ordination with end user, consultant and sub-contractors.

Pre-commissioning checks:

  • Checking for installed components as per approved design.
  • Physical damages of solar modules, cables & inverters
  • Checking for all name plate details, markings and identification tags and labels.
  • Rigidity of the electrical terminations.

Startup and commissioning:
  • Check Inverter startup instructions/ start-up procedure
  • Turning on the system and checking and recording complete parameters.

  • Validation of performance of the system with design

Project Operation and Maintenance
Perennial Solar with its combined experience of Plant detail engineering, technicalities of equipment& construction and efficient work force, shall optimize the plant performance; minimize the down time of equipment and achieve long life of plant, with following,

Preventive Maintenance which includes routine inspection and servicing of equipment which help prevent breakdowns and reduce energy yield losses.
  • Panel Cleaning - frequency depending upon local conditions
  • Vegetation Management - After rainfall and based on local conditions
  • DC & AC electrical sub system testing
  • Mechanical Inspection
  • IV Curve Testing
  • Sensor Calibration
  • Security Systems
  • Documentation of Events
  • Warranty Management
  • Diagnose faults through data monitoring

Condition-Based Monitoring involves monitoring of equipment condition and plant operations on a real-time basis and addresses a potential problem at a very early stage to prevent downtime.
  • Active Monitoring
  • Energy Meter Management
  • Real time monitoring and verification
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports
  • Performation Ratio and Generation Report
  • String level monitoring
  • Manage anomaly alerts and alarm management
  • Web portal
  • Historical data trends
  • Performance Optimization
  • In-depth analysis report
  • Accelerated PV degradation report
  • Security systems (fire alarm, intrusion alarm)

Corrective Maintenace or Breakdown Maintenance includes repair of broken down equipment and is usually reactive.
  • Emergency Maintenance (Function check and 2 hrs response time)
  • Automated owner and technical plant alert (email/sms)
  • Failure analysis & report generation

Energy Audits
Energy Audit helps an organization to understand and analyze its energy utilization and identify areas/processes where energy consumption can be reduced. Plan and practice energy conservation methods which will enhance energy efficiency, minimize energy wastage, thereby reducing energy costs.