Installation and Commissioning

  • Relevant first aid medical facility and action calendar/plan.
  • Warning signs and Firefighting equipment etc.
  • Personal protective equipments (PPE) like Helmet and gloves etc.

Installation & Commissioning

  • Preparation of installation schedule.
  • Preparation of civil works for solar modules support structures, control room, cable trenches, rain water drains as per the approved drawings and documents.
  • Installation of complete components specified in the detailed bill of material and drawings.
  • Conducting project implementation review meetings
  • Carrying out installation in proper co-ordination with end user, consultant and sub-contractors.

Pre-commissioning checks:

  • Checking for installed components as per approved design.
  • Physical damages of solar modules, cables & inverters
  • Checking for all name plate details, markings and identification tags and labels.
  • Rigidity of the electrical terminations.

Startup and commissioning:
  • Check Inverter startup instructions/ start-up procedure
  • Turning on the system and checking and recording complete parameters.

  • Validation of performance of the system with design