Project Operation and Maintenance

Perennial Solar with its combined experience of Plant detail engineering, technicalities of equipment& construction and efficient work force, shall optimize the plant performance; minimize the down time of equipment and achieve long life of plant, with following,

Preventive Maintenance which includes routine inspection and servicing of equipment which help prevent breakdowns and reduce energy yield losses.
  • Panel Cleaning - frequency depending upon local conditions
  • Vegetation Management - After rainfall and based on local conditions
  • DC & AC electrical sub system testing
  • Mechanical Inspection
  • IV Curve Testing
  • Sensor Calibration
  • Security Systems
  • Documentation of Events
  • Warranty Management
  • Diagnose faults through data monitoring

Condition-Based Monitoring involves monitoring of equipment condition and plant operations on a real-time basis and addresses a potential problem at a very early stage to prevent downtime.
  • Active Monitoring
  • Energy Meter Management
  • Real time monitoring and verification
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports
  • Performation Ratio and Generation Report
  • String level monitoring
  • Manage anomaly alerts and alarm management
  • Web portal
  • Historical data trends
  • Performance Optimization
  • In-depth analysis report
  • Accelerated PV degradation report
  • Security systems (fire alarm, intrusion alarm)

Corrective Maintenace or Breakdown Maintenance includes repair of broken down equipment and is usually reactive.
  • Emergency Maintenance (Function check and 2 hrs response time)
  • Automated owner and technical plant alert (email/sms)
  • Failure analysis & report generation